24 January 2024 - Revenue of €17.6 million in H1 2024, +16% Q2 2024 revenue growth compared to Q1 2024, Strong developments confirmed for 2024 16 January 2024 - FDE set to acquire a controlling stake in Greenstat ASA in Norway 9 January 2024 - Half-year statement of the liquidity contract 7 December 2023 - La Française de l’Énergie (FDE) improves its Gaïa Research rating in 2023 29 November 2023 - Hannam & Partners initiated its research coverage with a target price of €129 per share 28 November 2023 - Gazonor, a subsidiary of FDE, signs a €5.8 million ESG loan with Arkéa Banque, confirming its virtuous activity in the Hauts-de-France region 23 November 2023 - Granting of the Bleue Lorraine production lease   25 October 2023 - Turnover of €8.1 million in the first quarter (Q1) FY 2024; Increase in electricity volumes sold
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Promises won’t impact climate change,
but your local resources will.


Since January 1st 3 289 041 tons of CO2 eq avoided
Which compensates the CO2 emissions for 597 084 household

FDE (Française De l’Énergie) ) is a multi-energies producer, which offers low carbon footprint solutions. We produce gaz, electricity and head from local resources or solar related energies. We valorize them locally, in order to benefit the inhabitants of the regions which we operate, in Hauts-de-France, in Wallonia and in Lorraine.

Focus on…

Abandoned Mine Methane

in Hauts-de-France and Wallonia

In Hauts-de-France and Wallonia, FDE capture abandoned mine methane which accumulates in the former coal mine galleries, in order to avoid emissions into the atmosphere, and add value. In Bethune for instance, 2 combined heat and power unit of a total capacity of 2.7 MW were installed in 2020. They produce electricity and head for approximatively 6000 households


in Europe

At the beginning of 2022, Cryo Pur has joined the FDE Group. It is a unique French company with an expertise in the processing of biogas and its liquefaction into bio LNG and bio CO2, thus reinforcing the positioning of the Group in the production of energy solutions, allowing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Solar Energy

in Lorraine

In Lorraine, FDE has designed and built the largest thermal solar plan in France, injecting into a public district heating network, in Creutzwald. The Group develops also several projects of solar plans in order to rehabilitate industrial or mining wildernesses.

Our ambition towards 2026

To develop our portfolio of local energies solutions

To reduce emissions