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Our company spirit…

…is the desire to belong to a team in which your presence will make the difference, it is to live our project…

Our company gathers around a new project that embodies innovation, creativity and adaptability. La Française de l’Energie is building a real identity even with the style of management exercised.

Our values guide our daily behavior, our way of working and progress. They inspire the bonds we forge with others and our way forward.

Vacant positions


Gazonor, a developing company
Gazonor, a company created in 1991 by the Houillères du Nord Pas-de-Calais, was bought in June 2016 by La Française de l’Energie whose ambition is to become a benchmark player in gas in France and in Europe.

Gazonor produces mine gas from the former coalfields of Nord Pas-de-Calais mainly in the towns of Avion, Divion and Lourches, in two ways: injection into the GRTGaz network and production of electricity / heat.

You will join a team located in the town of Avion, made of 5 maintenance and operation technicians and 1 HSE correspondent, as well as a technical and administrative support structure.

Required profile

Technician representing the company, he / she will ensure the proper conduct of work carried out on the production sites by external companies in compliance with the specifications, while preserving the environment and the safety of the workers and under the supervision of the Operations Manager.

BAC + 2 technical background in industrial maintenance, process and instrumentation; experience of at least 5 years on equivalent industrial site; knowledge of automation (National Instrument, Rockwell, supervision system, piloted instrumentation, etc.); knowledge of piping (piping, valves, etc.); mastery of tools for report preparation (Word, Excel) and implementation of work procedures; knowledge of compression systems and gas engines (eg Waukesha, Jenbacher, etc.).

Day shift with standby. The candidate must live in the area nearby the Avion site.

Communications Manager (Forbach)

In order to ensure external communication, the manager must demonstrate autonomy, rigor, and organization to manage communication actions with partners, relations with journalists as well as all communication tools of the business. Under the supervision of the company’s general manager, who defines with him / her the communication strategy, he / she designs, writes and then distributes the various communication supports (brochures, guides, newsletter, press announcements, etc.).

Required profile
Having excellent editorial skills, dynamic, he / she must be able to address all audiences and thus writes news, press releases, press kits and to monitor relations with journalists or stakeholders’ projects, as well as to lead public meetings or event operations in which the company must participate. He / She must be proficient in graphic software and have good practice of the Adobe Suite. Knowledge of web design is a plus. Fluency in oral and written English is important.

Spontaneous application

Share the passion…

Promises won't impact
climate change.
Your local resources, will.

Climate change is an undeniable reality. We can already see its serious consequences for our planet. It is now urgent to act.

At FDE, we refuse to participate in initiatives that generate pollution beyond our borders, even if they reduce the carbon footprint of our local territories. Whether it is a question of carbon footprint or pollution, there are no limits.

It is our duty to build sustainable energy solutions that move towards global carbon neutrality. Today, the most resilient and sustainable energy solution is even more self-evident: it is imperative that energy remains local, within short supply chains, as close as possible to the needs of local communities and consumers.

Considering these, at FDE, we are taking actions and offering tailor-made, local multi-energy solutions.

By making the most of local resources, our offer enables us to provide territories with energies with a triple benefit: reduced carbon footprint, economically competitive and contributing to the socio-economic development of the area. We choose abandoned sites, make the most of the potential of local suppliers and service providers, and participate in a local center of expertise that involves universities, local authorities and associations in the local energy project.

FDE lacks neither the resources nor the know-how to deploy tailor-made energy solutions for everyone and for the planet.

Our engineers embrace the energy transition with a pragmatic view.

Recovering abandoned mine gas avoids fatal gas emissions into the atmosphere, while local coal gas reduces the need to import much more carbon-intensive gases. Abundant solar energy is both local and renewable.

To support the energy transition, at FDE, we are constantly innovating, looking for new solutions for the future, such as hydrogen, a decarbonized energy, or CO2 sequestration in coal.

In addition, all energy produced by our Group is designed to be more virtuous. All these processes therefore make FDE the only French energy producer with a negative carbon footprint.


In accordance with its values and code of ethics, and with the aim of pursuing the objective of:

  • Guarantee the integrity of our assets,
  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and subcontractors,
  • Guarantee the health and safety of all personnel working on and off-site,
  • Limit environmental impact.


FDE wishes to promote the following HSE principles:

Identify, prevent and control impacts and risks to health, safety, security and the environment,

Develop the company's activities in a sustainable and eco-responsible manner,

Improve the working environment for its employees and subcontractors.

Consequently, FDE undertakes to:

Ensure the rigorous application of regulatory procedures in force with respect to safety, health, environment and the preservation of public security,

Impose operational management with advanced criteria for environmental protection, pollution prevention and energy optimization, as part of the ecological transition,

Systematically verify compliance with HSE principles through audits and practical exercises, with the aim of continuously improving the system and its performance,

Define indices and performance indicators for monitoring HSE activities and promote benchmarking to identify areas for improvement,

Encourage employee participation and involvement in health, safety and environmental protection processes through training and creation of tools for sharing experience and knowledge.

This culture of risk prevention and control applies to all employees, partners and suppliers. It involves setting concrete objectives and deploying action plans as part of a continuous improvement process to better anticipate tomorrow's challenges. This policy is reviewed annually, as are the associated indicators and targets.

Directeur Général,