9 April 2024 - FDE buys back some of its share issued capital via its buy-back program 28 March 2024 - Announcement of the launch of a new Share Buy-Back program 22 March 2024 - FY 2024 Half-year results: EBITDA margin of 62%, above the Group’s 2026 target, Confirmed financial strength to support the Group’s growth drivers 8 March 2024 - Hydrogen development strategy in Lorraine 1 March 2024 - Completion of the acquisition of a majority stake in Greenstat ASA, a leading green energy player in Norway 24 January 2024 - Revenue of €17.6 million in H1 2024, +16% Q2 2024 revenue growth compared to Q1 2024, Strong developments confirmed for 2024 16 January 2024 - FDE set to acquire a controlling stake in Greenstat ASA in Norway 9 January 2024 - Half-year statement of the liquidity contract
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Our energies

Our locations


Our solutions in short circuit

The production in short circuits is the answer to sustainable, resilient and efficient energy, as close as possible to consumer’s needs, to be used locally.

By limiting the distance between the production of energy and its consumption, in a radius of a few kilometers, our solutions allow regions to reduce the carbon footprint related to energy consumption.

In addition, short circuits guarantee a safer supply for the regions which become less exposed to disruptions of importations.

In Hauts-de-France and in Wallonia, production of abandoned mine methane leads to avoid any emission of methane into the atmosphere, while supplying local, environmentally and economically viable energies, to the households thanks to combined heat and power units installed in various locations: electricity and local heating networks.

In Lorraine, FDE has rehabilitated a pithead in order to build the largest solar thermal plant injecting on a public district network. FDE also aims at producing the methane from the coal bearing reservoirs, to distribute it locally.

Our energies

FDE propose energies produced locally while creating value from multiple resources such as gas, sun and waste


  • Abandoned Mine Methane: 2 regions in operation
  • Lorraine gas: application for a 191 km2 production lease under examination
  • Liquified biogas (LBG): 2 sites in operation


  • Abandoned Mine Methane: 6 sites in operation (22.5 MW) and additional sites under construction
  • Solar: 1 site in construction (15 MW), production in Q4 2022


  • Combined Heat and Power with abandoned mine methane: 1 site in operation (3 MW)
  • Solar thermal: 1 site in operation, supported by Ademe (4.3 MW).


  • CO2 storage (CCUS): driving a research program in France including CNRS and Université de Lorraine for CO2 storage in the Lorraine coals.
  • Bio CO2: 2 sites in operation (United Kingdom and Norway), and developing


  • H2 through pyrolysis or plasmalysis of methane: member of a Belgium consortium led by EDF
  • H2 through steam reforming including CO2 storage: feasibility study ongoing.
  • Natural H2 : discovery made in the Lorraine Basin, through the REGALOR consortium, appraisal ongoing