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Présentation du plan de développement des sites de Lorraine

22 janvier 2020

La Française de l’Energie disclosed on January 21, 2020, its development plan of its sites in Lorraine with the aim to value and monetize the 2.14 billions m3 of gas reserves already certified so far (2P reserves).

Relying on all works that have been performed since 2005 – 4 wells, tests of production, data analysis and geological modelling, certification of gas reserves – and until the recently request for the concession Bleue Lorraine of 191 km2 made on November 2018, the Group has benefited from a global 6-months review achieved by four international experts who have been involved on the most significant projet of coal seam gas in Australia (QCG – Curtis Island).

This review has supported the target as well as the economical and technical options of the project led by La Française de l’Energie in Lorraine, and enables the Group to unveil today an ambitious plan, while operational risks are kept negligible.

Based on the designation on 4 sites that show the best operational conditions, as well as on the whole financing options that would allow to end up this project without any dilution for shareholders, the target disclosed by La Française de l’Energie is to value the certified gas reserves (2P reserves of 2,14 billions m3), which stand for 3.6% out of a global potential of nearly 60 billions m3 of gas still to convert as certified reserves.