Our goal,
become a major player in the French and European gas markets

Based in the Lorraine region since 2009, Française de l’Energie is a leading French SME, focusing on exploration, appraisal and production of gas resources in France.

We specialize in developing coal-bed methane gas resources. Our highly experienced technical team has demonstrated that methane gas can be extracted from coal seams. on the back of this initial success and the subsequent certification by BEICIP of a very large gas resource base in Nord-Pas de Calais and Lorraine, have enabled us to progress towards the development of a competitive industrial gas production project in these former French mining regions of France.

Our activity,
transform coal bed methane gas into a strategic, clean energy

According to experts from the National Geological and Mining Research Institute (BRGM) and the National Center for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection (INERIS) , coal-bed methane gas resources, though relatively unknown, have a very significant potential for becoming a key variable in the French energy equation. In the Lorraine region alone, where we hold exploration permits, the resources we have identified have been estimated to be equivalent to more than 6 years of French national consumption.

Environmentally friendly and economically competitive, these domestic resources could contribute to improve the French and European energy independence, and actively participate to the EU’s energy transition roadmap.

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Discover La Française de l’Energie

Our project, our team, our vision, Julien Moulin introduces the team supporting Française de l’Energie, an ambitious project for the former French mining regions.