President’s word

Julien Moulin
La Française de l’Energie

How can the collective goal of reducing the greenhouse gases emissions without affecting the economic growth be achieved? How to reconcile the reduction of carbon emissions with energy independence?

Fundamental questions to insure a durable development of the worldwide ecosystem.

In France, the hydrocarbon law issued from the Climate plan signals the end of the hydrocarbon exploitation in 2040. In contrast, the country imports 99% of its gas needs and has seen its imported gas volumes increase by 2.2 % in 2018, with the arrival of the American shale gas in LNG form.

This example, illustrates the difficulty of the ecological transition, needing to find an answer to a global issue, the climate change, as well as national preoccupations such as the competitiveness of local companies, employment and energy security.

Even more so because the cleanest energies are also the least efficient due to their intermittence.

The establishment of short circuits to recover a forgotten gas, Coal gas, is therefore of obvious strategic interest.

The DNA of our group being the production of cleaner energy, valued in short circuits, on the former mining basins of France and Europe, the development of other energy projects such as solar, photovoltaic, biogas or ultimately hydrogen is a natural evolution that we are implementing. The partnership with Total Quadran, for the solar power activities, is confirmation of the sagacity of La Française de l’Energie’s positioning.

La Française de l’Energie’s activity thus offers an innovative and virtuous energy solution that fits perfectly into the French and European energy mix. Ecologically and economically competitive, creating jobs in our territory, the innovative solutions that our teams are developing with the support of its shareholders and partners are therefore at the heart of the ecological transition.