Our engagement

Quality, security, environment


While the French energy landscape is changing, it is important to reaffirm our vocation, what we wish to develop for the future:

Provide our customers with ecologically and economically competitive energy.

Our mission

Provide our customers with the best level of service as an energy producer.

Engage with them to reduce the greenhouse gas emission and the carbon footprint of the territory in which we operate.

Our values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Staff Development
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation

In order to fulfil our mission while respecting our values, we are committed to setting up a Quality System, framed by the standard NF EN ISO 9001 Version 2015.

The need to maximize production by increasing the availability rate of the machines while reducing our operational costs, in an ever-changing regulatory framework, requires new work organization methods. All staff are concerned and involved in this process aiming to establish these methods on all the sites operated by La Française de l’Énergie.

read the Gazonor’s Quality policy


Preserving environment and our employees is a main concern of our development, and more broadly of present and future energy challenges. Our decisions are motivated by responsible and sustainable development.

La Française de l’Énergie puts hygiene, safety and the environment at the heart of its management system, in order to:

  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for its employees
  • Guarantee the safety and health of employees, people working under contract, the integrity of assets and the preservation of environment

The Group develops its activities according to the following HSE principles:

  • Identify, prevent and control the impacts and risks of damage to health, safety and the environment by adapting its practices accordingly
  • Responsible and sustainable development of the company’s activities and the work environment it offers to its employees.

And agrees to:

  • Ensure the rigorous application of standard regulatory procedures in terms of safety, health, environment and preservation of public safety.
  • Impose operational management with advanced standards in terms of environmental protection, pollution prevention, energy optimization, as part of the energy transition.
  • Systematically verify compliance with HSE principles through audits in order to continuously improve the system and its performance.
  • Define performances indices and indicators for monitoring HSE activities and promote benchmarking analyzes to identify areas of improvement.
  • Train employees to achieve excellence in their interactions with their environment; create instruments for sharing experiences and knowledge ; encourage employees participation and involvement in health, safety and environmental protection procedures.

This culture of risk prevention and control applies to all employees, partners and suppliers. It involves setting concrete objectives, deploying action plans in a process of continuous improvement to better anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

Read our HSE policy