Our engagement

Local development

A local economic development

To contribute responsibly to local development, we favor local sourcing for staff, contractors, operational and financial partners, as well as the distribution of the energy produced in the territories. Short circuits remain our DNA, key to implement the ecological transition to serve a local and responsible economy.

Only a perpetual and engaging dialogue can create an adequate response to current and future environmental, economic and social challenges:


  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Carbon footprint reduction


  • Lower energy prices for the consumer.
  • Reduction of the energy dependence in France and Belgium.


  • Revitalization of mining basins.
  • Short circuits: creation of direct jobs, subcontracting.
  • Increase in “buying power”.

An example of involvement of local stakeholders: the wellsite monitoring committee

An operations monitoring committee is ever-present on our drilling wellsite. Composed of local elected representatives, local residents and any interested organization, it meets regularly allowing our company to present the operation’s progress and reply to each party’s questions or concerns. Regular site visits are also organized to allow a clear and precise view of the ongoing work on site.