Our expertise


Geology is at the core of our operations. It is a work of historical interpretation aiming to understand the geographical landscape of a specific area, dating back hundreds of millions years ago, to determine its current geological composition. This forms the basis for mapping these areas in order to locate the largest and most promising coal seams for gas extraction.


Modeling is the process of constructing usable images from a variety of data. To model the targeted areas, we use seismic or mining data. Interpreting this data from a geological standpoint enables us to create a digital model that allows us to determine the precise location of coal seams and produce prospective drilling maps.

Safe drilling

Drillings are used to confirm the presence of coal seams containing gas, to reach the gas, and to exploit it once the industrial phase starts. We use a multi-lateral well drilling technique particularly adapted to access the gas trapped in the coal seams.
Presented during a French Parliamentary Office for Science and Technological Assessment (OPECST) fact-finding mission, this technique has attracted attention from government agencies, thanks to its innovative and non-invasive nature.

 An explanatory video


Environment preservation is a top priority in all our operations. At every phase of the project, Française de l’Energie implements specific and very stringent measures that sometimes even exceed regulatory requirements in order to ensure that the environmental impact of our operations is minimal. Get more detailed information about these measures here.