Gazonor as strategic partner

Gazonor, a company created in 1991 by Houillères du Nord Pas-de-calais (coalmining undertakings) was bought out by Française de l’Energie in June 2016. This company based in the “light industrial area” of Pit 7, at Avion, comprises a maintenance and exploitation team for operation management, as well as a technical and administrative management structure. Gazonor regularly calls upon local partner firms that are in a position to intervene for industry-specific skills.


Coal-mine gas exploitation

Gazonor exploits the coal mine methane coming from former coal basins. Since the termination of mining acticities, the valorization of this local energy source allows to avoid gas release into the atmosphere, through the depressurization of the former mining galleries.
Coal mine methane capture and use contribute to the management of the mining aftermath and to the control of the related safety and environmental hazards.

The exploitation of coal mine methane is achieved thanks to compression installations located mainly in the municipality of Avion. 
After dehydration and odorisation process, the produced coal mine methane is injected into the gas grid operated by GRT Gaz. Since July 2017, the coal mine methane is also used in cogeneration units to produce green electricity and heat, on 4 production sites.

Current context

For seveal years, Gazonor has been investing in its installations in order to achieve more production flexibility.
4 sites are producing coal mine methane on the Poissonière and Désirée production leases. Over time, an increase of the water table will result in the compartmentization of the reservoir, forcing Gazonor to plan ahead in order to maximize value out its assets. The installation of local cogeneration units to convert coal mine methane into green electricity and heat, across the bassin, is one of the answers to this challenge.