General statement

Française de l’Energie takes all possible steps to limit the risks for human health and reduce technological risks to the lowest possible level. For this purpose, the involvement of our teams is an ongoing commitment. Our team members are thus trained and certified and comply with standards imposed by the industry.

Health and safety for our staff 

Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our teams, a high degree of vigilance can be maintained at all times. A stringent HSE programme has been implemented to ensure full compliance with local French and international standards (API standards established by the American Petroleum Institute). No material is allowed to leave operating sites unless a prior analysis has been carried out. Drill cuttings and waste rocks are analysed then sent to certified centres. During drilling, an HSE team maintains a 24-hour presence on the site the access of which is prohibited to any person who did not attend the preliminary training or is not equipped with the appropriate protective equipment.

Health and safety for residents 

Our activities intrinsically represent a low level risk for surrounding communities. However, maximum vigilance is maintained at all times in order to prevent any incident.