Resources and permits owned by Française de l’Energie

Where everything started...

... In the Lorraine region. This is the reason why we assigned the highest priority to this region and to that of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. These are also the geographical areas where the projects are the most advanced and where the economic impact could be the strongest considering the industrial desertification observed in recent decades.

Our establishment in the Lorrain region :


BEICIP, a subsidiary of Institut Français du Pétrole et des Energies Nouvelles (IFP-EN), has certified high volumes of resources equivalent to 5 to 6 years of France’s gas consumption in the Lorraine region.

Française de l’Energie’s current establishment in the Lorraine region

Our activities in the Lorraine region, in particular on the Tritteling site, represent the most developed stage of our works. We have now reached an appraisal stage aiming at demonstrating the extent of resources and having them transformed into proved reserves, improving our knowledge of the Saar-Lorraine coalfield and refining our drilling architectures in the upstream stage of the production phase. The results obtained are very promising and consolidate the strategic priority set to this area.

Next steps