General description

Expérience & entrepreneurship dynamism

The Française de l’Energie team combines experience and dynamism for achieving a single ambition: have Française de l’Energie become a major actor in gas production in France and Europe.

By tapping into its competencies and knowledge, Française de l’Energie has succeeded in taking advantage of its complementary teams to create group dynamics which is conducive to exchanges and skills development. 


" I truly believe in the project that we are developing for
Française de l’Energie. I am very fortunate to be surrounded
by such an extraortdinay team of seasoned experts with
longstanding reputations in the industry.

We are rising to the technical challenge of extracting gas
from previously untapped coal seams. We all share the same
vision and are determined to succed together in this
uncharted territory, wich makes me very proud."