Local Anchoring

A local economic development

In order to contribute responsibly to local development, we encourage local hiring and local sub-contracting, whenever possible. Supporting the existing local economy is an integral part of our aim to become a responsible economic player.
To facilitate the accomplishment of our projects, we need to rely on partners and suppliers who are in a position to implement our work policy: Each organization has to endorse our “prevention plan” which makes it possible for all participants to familiarise themselves with the prevention steps in force on our drilling sites.
Every organization also participates in our safety policy and endorses our Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Management approach.
For each intervention, a work permit is issued by our company: It is a reminder of the risks and appropriate measures to be taken. 

Constructive and ongoing dialogue


Communication accessible to everyone, with concrete explanations concerning our projects and their evolution.


Aware of the substantive debate aroused by the energy sector, we are trying to report to our stakeholders and we are committed to providing reliable response and information.
We consult and share with the competent authorities, in particular Direction Régionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement (DREAL), who ensure that our operations are carried out in full compliance with current standards in terms of environment and ecological impact.

A local example : Site monitoring committee 

An operations monitoring committee has been set up on each site. It is composed of local officials, dwellers, and any person interested. This committee meets regularly, which makes it possible for our organization to provide a situational analysis of project progress and for any other member to mention their questions and concerns. In addition, visits are organized to allow for clear and accurate information given to all parties, in line with our business commitment.