Our core values

A pioneering spirit

Française de l’Energie develops a new energy

Francaise de l’Energie is the first compagny in Western Europe to develop coal-bed methane gas. Despite its potential, these energy resources are still largely unexploited today and require the development and use of advanced and mature techniques such as multi-lateral well drilling. While these techniques have proven effective in other parts of the world, Française de l’Energie is the first to successfully implement such technologies for such gas exploration in Europe. 

Local development

Française de l’Energie supports regional development

The development of an industrial platform will help revitalizing former mining regions to the benefit of various industries and the local economy. Relying on a local legacy and an incomparable know-how and expertise in the fields of engineering and geology, the project driven by Française de l’Energie has the potential to attract gas-consuming industries to the regions where it will be produced. Local communities in and around these regions will therefore be the first beneficiaries of these opportunities.. 


Française de l’Energie maintains a fully transparent dialogue with its stakeholders

An innovative project such as this cannot succeed without responding to the concerns that local government and residents may have. We maintain an open door policy and have provided many open forum opportunities, notably via town hall meetings and site visits so to keep a permanent dialogue with local residents and elected officials. All concerns are valid and we consider it our duty to explain and reassure about the impact of our operations. We are fully accountable to them and are pleased to see that we have garnered strong support for our project, particularly in the Lorraine region, where we first set-up operations and our activity is most advanced.